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June 5, 2024
Do You Suffer With Joint Pain?

Managing joint pain is essential for maintaining overall well being. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis or other joint related discomfort, here are some practical tips to help you alleviate pain and improve your quality of life.

May 22, 2024
Pros & Cons Of Sports Supplements

Let’s explore the pros and cons of sports supplements to help you make informed decisions about incorporating them into your fitness routine.

May 15, 2024
Why Hydration Is Important

Staying well hydrated is crucial for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. Hydration plays a key role in maintaining optimal physical performance during workouts. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps and dizziness, hindering your ability to push yourself during training sessions.

April 24, 2024
Common Obstacles People Face When Setting Diet Goals

When it comes to setting diet goals, people often encounter several common obstacles.

April 17, 2024
How To Create Your Own Home Gym On A Budget

If you are looking to get fit but find that a gym is either too costly or doesn’t fit in with your schedule then this is the blog post for you.

April 10, 2024
Your Summer Goals For Living Better

Summer is almost here and the sun-kissed days beckon us to step outside, feel the warmth on our skin and embrace the vibrant energy of the season. As the days stretch longer, it’s the perfect time to set fitness goals that align with the sunny vibes.

February 19, 2024
Understanding Nutrition Labels On Food Packaging

Understanding nutrition labels on food packaging is essential for making informed dietary choices. Below, we will break these down step by step.

3 Essential Eating Habits

Listed below are three essential healthy eating habits that can positively impact your overall well-being.

How To Start Running For Beginners

If you are looking to start running then this running for beginners guide will provide you with a range of useful tips.

5 Home Workout Exercises For Beginners

Listed below are 5 effective exercises for beginners who want to work out at home. These exercises require minimal equipment and are perfect for building strength, improving flexibility and boosting overall fitness.

January 17, 2024
Is There A Correlation Between High Cortisol Levels & Belly Fat?

Cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone, is a necessary hormone with important functions in your body. It helps regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, suppress the immune system and aid in nutrient metabolism. However, when cortisol levels remain chronically elevated, it can lead to several side effects, including weight gain.

December 21, 2023
Refer A Friend Or Family Member For A Chance To Experience The Spa Lazy Life Package!

Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level and indulge in relaxation. We have an exciting opportunity for you! We at David Jones Personal Training are thrilled to announce our refer a friend or family member program, where you could win the spa lazy life package at South Lodge for two, worth £500!

November 21, 2023
Can We Blame Diseases On Genetics?

The latest research on ageing and longevity suggests that genetics, lifestyle factors and environmental influences all play a role in how we age. While our genes do play a significant role in how long we’ll live, recent research suggests that individual differences in our DNA matter less as we get older and become prone to diseases of ageing, such as diabetes and cancer.

November 8, 2023
Sleigh The Season

‘Tis the season to be fit and jolly! Get ready to sleigh your fitness goals this Christmas with our exciting 4 week Sleigh The Season exercise programme.

Mindful Nutrition: Nourishing Your Body During The Festive Season

The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy and indulgence. From festive parties to delicious treats, it’s easy to get carried away and forget about our usual healthy eating habits. However, with a little mindfulness, we can enjoy the holiday season while still nourishing our bodies.

October 30, 2023
10 Effective Exercises For A Stronger & Healthier Body

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a strong and healthy body. It not only helps to improve our physical fitness but also plays a crucial role in preventing chronic diseases and boosting overall well being.

October 24, 2023
The Power Of Whole Foods: How Nourishing Your Body Can Extend Your Lifespan

In a world filled with convenience foods and tempting shortcuts, it’s easy to overlook the importance of wholesome, nutrient-rich whole foods. However, making the conscious choice to prioritise these natural wonders in your diet can have a profound impact on your health and ultimately contribute to a longer, more vibrant life.

October 23, 2023
The Longevity Doctor

Dr. Peter Attia, a renowned physician and longevity doctor, is dedicated to educating people about various aspects of health and longevity. With a focus on optimising human performance and extending lifespan, Dr. Attia delves into topics such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and metabolic health.

October 4, 2023
MyFitnessPal Tutorial

MyFitnessPal is a popular mobile app and website that helps you track your nutrition and exercise to support your health and fitness goals.

TrueCoach – How To Set Up & Use The App

We use TrueCoach as our online coaching platform, the app allows you to access personalised fitness programmes and communicate with your coach from anywhere at any time.

September 13, 2023
Why We Should Remain Strong: How It Extends Our Life

Strength, both physical and mental, is a fundamental attribute that plays a significant role in our overall well-being. While we often associate strength with physical prowess, its impact on our longevity goes beyond just muscles.

Securing A Healthy Future: Preventing Disease As We Age

As we journey through life, our health becomes increasingly precious. Taking proactive steps to prevent disease is essential for maintaining a vibrant and fulfilling life as we grow older.

Exercise For Life Longevity: Unlocking The Fountain Of Youth

In our quest for a long and fulfilling life, we often overlook one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, exercise. While many of us associate exercise with physical fitness and aesthetics, its impact on our life longevity is remarkable.

August 31, 2023
6 Week Routine Revamp Program

Looking for a ‘Routine Revamp’ as September commences? Whether you’re aiming to shed those extra pounds, sculpt your physique or build muscle, we’ve crafted the ultimate 6 week program to help you realise your aspirations.

August 16, 2023
Shedding Those Holiday Pounds: 5 Tips To Drop That Extra Weight

Holidays are a time for celebration, indulgence and often overeating. Once your holiday has come to an end, many of us find ourselves carrying around a few extra pounds. But fear not, with a little dedication and these five effective tips, you’ll be well on your way to shedding those holiday pounds and feeling your best again.

Ignite Your Motivation: Get Back To Your Exercise Routine With These Tips

Finding the motivation to get back into your exercise routine after a break can be challenging. Life gets busy, priorities shift and it’s easy to let fitness take a back seat. However, with a little inspiration and these effective tips, you can reignite your motivation and get back on track with your exercise routine.

Bouncing Back From Holiday Mode: Getting Back To Your Exercise Routine

After indulging in a relaxing holiday filled with delicious food, lazy days and perhaps one too many cocktails, it’s time to face the reality, it’s time to get back to your exercise routine.

July 3, 2023
Why Is Exercise So Important For Seniors?

Whether you were once much more physically active or have never been one to exercise regularly, now is a great time to start an exercise and fitness regimen. Getting and staying in shape is just as important for seniors as it is for younger people.

How To Up Your Daily Step Count

Numerous studies, especially over the past decade, have been sounding the alarm on the dangers of being sedentary, from compromising heart health and metabolism to risking earlier death.

June 21, 2023
Drinking Alcohol Whilst Trying To Lose Weight

Alcohol and weight loss, a combination many fitness enthusiasts and dieters fret about. The effects of alcohol on our bodies can be complex and vary depending on the quantity and frequency of consumption.

What Is Metabolic Adaptation?

Metabolic adaptation, also known as “starvation mode”, occurs when your body recognises that you are consuming fewer calories than usual. In an effort to conserve energy, your body will begin to slow down your metabolism, reducing the rate at which you burn calories.

May 10, 2023
Training Your Aerobic System

Training your aerobic system is essential for improving your endurance and overall health. The aerobic system is responsible for producing energy during moderate to low intensity activities that last for an extended period.

Looking Out For Signs Of Fatigue

As an athlete, it’s important to be able to recognise when you’re experiencing fatigue so that you can adjust your training accordingly and avoid overtraining.

Eating Well On A Calorie Deficit: Tips For Sticking To Healthy Habits

A calorie deficit occurs when you’re consuming fewer calories than you use up in a day. This can help you lose weight by using the stored energy in your body.

May 3, 2023
Pros & Cons Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is when you go for extended times without eating. This is followed by periods of eating normally.

March 22, 2023
Dealing With Unsupportive Friends/Family

Having unsupportive friends and family can be disappointing when starting a new chapter of your life, especially if it is in relation to your health.

March 17, 2023
A Fun & Simple Beginner Home Workout Without Equipment

If you are new to exercise or looking to get into strength training, a beginner home workout is a great way to start. Working out with just your bodyweight allows you to familiarise yourself with the moves and increase your strength before you add weight.

March 9, 2023
Strength Training Advice For Women & Menopause

There are many benefits of strength training, especially for women going through the menopause. If you have never done strength training before, don’t worry it is never too late to start!

February 28, 2023
Livewell 50+ Programme

At David Jones Personal Training, we have designed the Livewell 50+ Programme specifically for individuals over the age of 50. We would love for you to be a part of it so that we can help you improve your fitness, health and wellbeing.

February 20, 2023
Different Types Of Training Explained

There are so many different types of training out there, it can be hard to choose which is the best for you. To help you with this, we at David Jones Personal Training are going to explain the basic types of training and how to do them.

February 13, 2023
How To Handle Food Cravings

Food cravings, whether sweet or savoury, are super common and happen for many reasons. Sometimes, we just simply feel like eating that food, whilst other times it may be due to dehydration, a low food intake, your menstrual cycle or low energy levels.

January 24, 2023
Full Body Workout At Home – No Equipment Needed

Don’t have time to go to the gym or have no child care? Try this full body workout at home.

January 18, 2023
Benefits Of Unilateral Training

Although sometimes training one leg or arm at a time can feel as though as well as taking up a bit more time, I promise you that there is great benefit of doing so!

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to start your running career! At 101 years old Fauja Singh ran his last marathon and this year, the oldest female runner in the London Marathon was 85. Feeling inspired?

January 3, 2023
What You Are Doing Wrong When Setting New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time of year when we all reflect on the year and plan for the next. This often ends with setting some New Year’s resolutions.

December 20, 2022
Top Tips To Stay On Track Over The Festive Period

Here are 5 of our top tips to get you through Christmas and New Years without feeling like you’ve lost progress. Treat the festive period like any other time, keep to your normal workout schedules and stay as active as ever.

The Menstrual Cycle & How It Affects Exercise

A woman’s menstrual cycle has different phases; the menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal phases. However, they are usually broken into just the follicular and luteal phases.

November 25, 2022
How To Deal With Stress

It is inevitable, to a degree that you will go through stressful periods in your life. With uncertainty in the country after a tricky couple of years, many people are feeling stressed and anxious right now.

Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Women

Many women still believe that lifting weights will make them big and bulky, so tend to stick to hours of cardio. These women are missing out on all the amazing benefits of weight training.

October 26, 2022
Healthier Breakfast Swaps

Sugar and fat are the biggest things to look out for at breakfast time. It is easy to consume too much of this for breakfast as most of us are looking for something quick and easy. Here are some easy swaps you can make with little to no effort.

Benefits Of Sleep & How To Improve Sleep

Sleeping well is incredibly important for your health. It is just as important as eating a balanced diet and exercising.

October 19, 2022
Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Here at David Jones Personal Training, we have come up with 13 tips to boost your immune system.

September 30, 2022
Healthier Drink Swaps

Today at David Jones Personal Training, we are going to show you some very simple drink swaps that you can make in order to cut out a quarter of your daily sugar intake.

Core Circuit Workout

Short on time and want to get a quick workout in? Try this 30 minute core circuit workout that will be sure to get your abs feeling the burn!

September 26, 2022
“So SAD, So Sad” – A Situation We Can Get Out Of?

It’s thought that the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), impacts around 2 million people in the UK and more than 12 million people across northern Europe. It can affect people of any age, including children.

September 6, 2022
Bad Habits Lead To Late Nights

Did Ed have a point? We have all seen how he has made positive changes in his life that has meant he is healthier. Whether you are Ed Sheeren or Bob down the road, we all form good and bad habits in the same way.

August 9, 2022
Low Carb VS Low Fat Diets

There is lots of conflicting information out there on low carb and low fat diets. So, which is better?

How To Avoid Heat Exhaustion

This dry weather and heat can take its toll on you when trying to get through your normal working life while also keeping your training levels up. Use some or all of the pointers below to help you keep pushing and avoid burn out.

July 4, 2022
4 Week Challenge Results

This month we would like to congratulate two people who took on our 4 week challenge.

6 Week Summer Shape Up Programme

Do you need help with your ‘summer body’? If you are looking to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle, we have put together the perfect 6-week shape up programme to help you achieve these goals.

May 23, 2022
5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Exercising

Make sure to avoid these 5 mistakes when you start exercising otherwise motivation may drop and injuries could be sustained.

Injury Prevention Hierarchy

If you want to lower the risk of injury in any sport then follow these 6 points.

Control Your Calories To Achieve Your Weight Goals

The amount of energy in an item of food or drink is measured in calories and when we eat and drink more calories than we use up, our bodies store the excess as body fat.

April 26, 2022
Eating Healthy On Holiday

If you are going on holiday and the thought of derailing your training or nutrition progress crosses your mind, then here are some helpful tips to help keep you on track with eating healthy.

The Hardest Part Of The Workout

Sometimes the hardest part of the workout is just getting started, most of you will find that once you have made a start, it is a lot easier to get through and can even be enjoyable after getting your head around it.

20 Min AMRAP Home Workout

If you always find that you are short for time but still want to exercise then try this AMRAP workout at home.

April 12, 2022
Run Tough Mudder With Us

Come and join the David Jones Personal Training team and run the 5k Tough Mudder obstacle course with us on the 24th September 2022.

ACL Rehab – Return To Run Checklist

If you can complete ALL the following exercises with the same or higher number of reps, then you should have the adequate strength to start running again after an ACL injury or surgery.

Preparing Your Mindset Before Making Lifestyle Changes

There is a thought process that happens before you are able to start making healthier lifestyle changes and creating positive habits.