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Personal Training

At David Jones Personal Training we support our clients working one on one with them. We treat each person as an individual. Working together to achieve your goals. For us personal training is all about supporting you to exercise and improve your health and fitness in the right way whilst providing much needed motivation to reach your fitness, health and wellness goals.

Our ethos is about supporting you to:

  • Exercise effectively
  • Improve sleep
  • Eat in a healthy and sustainable way
  • Understand positive and negative behaviours to develop your mindfulness
Personal Training

To get going with personal training we will conduct a one-on-one consultation to ascertain the right programme for you specific to your goals. This full assessment takes place at our gym half way between Horley and Reigate and will normally include:

  • A chat about your goals
  • Body composition analysis
  • Core strength check
  • Kinetic chain assessment for flexibility, mobility and strength.
  • Blood pressure check
  • Blood analysis for Glucose and Cholesterol

We also offer the following:

Buddy and small group training– from 2 people upwards to a maximum of 4. Session involving cardiovascular, core, mobility, flexibility and strength work.

Event Training – specific training sessions and plans geared towards your chosen event whether this is sport based, a wedding, holiday or birthday.

Nutritional Strategy – bespoke nutritional plans for you to follow whether you are looking to lose weight, become healthier or increase your lean tissue mass.
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