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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Exercising


Make sure to avoid these 5 mistakes when you start exercising otherwise motivation may drop and injuries could be sustained:

  1. Not setting goals – Many people who start exercising don’t set any clear goals. This is usually the main reason for dropping out and giving up after only a few weeks. Having an end goal in mind and setting shorter term goals helps you stay on track. Seeing small progress keeps you motivated and consistent.
  2. Not warming up or cooling down – Warming up primes your body for the exercise you are about to do, skipping the warmup can increase risk of injury. Cooling down is also just as important to help prevent muscle soreness and promote recovery.
  3. Not resting and taking time to recover – Starting a new exercise regime can be exciting as you are full of motivation, but don’t over do it. It is better to be able to train hard again the following week rather than be so fatigued and sore that you have to skip the week and halt progress. Use the rule of 10% increase in load each week.
  4. Skipping strength training – Even endurance athletes need to strength train in order to build strong ligaments and tendons. A balanced programme should be followed with strength and cardio work combined for good overall fitness.
  5. Doing exercises with improper form – This can do you more harm than good. Learn how to lift weights with proper form before increasing weights. If needed, seek professional advice.

We hope this helps you get started with your fitness journey, reach out to us today at David Jones Personal Training if you would like to discuss this further.