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20 Min AMRAP Home Workout

AMRAP Workout

If you always find that you are short for time but still want to exercise then try this AMRAP workout at home. Set a timer for 20 minutes and complete as many reps as possible. If you feel that you need to make it easier then try lowering to time to 15 minutes.

AMRAP Home Workout:

Press Ups – 8

Squat Jumps – 12

Reverse Crunch – 10

Dips (Use Chair) – 8

Mountain Climber – 20

Plank Punches – 10

Reverse Lunge – 8

Go through all exercises as many times possible for 20 minutes, you can always rest at the halfway point if needed. Again, if you need to make it easier, lower the time to 15 minutes or half the number of reps.

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