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Eating Healthy On Holiday

Eating Healthy

If you are going on holiday and the thought of derailing your training or nutrition progress crosses your mind, then here are some helpful tips to help keep you on track with eating healthy. Remember, sometimes it is good to take a full break from strict training and nutrition programmes so only use these tips if they fit within your goal timeline. 

1. Decide whether you will stick to your healthy habits or take a temporary break – Either way is good as long as it is a conscious choice.

2. Aim for ‘better’ instead of ‘perfect’ – This helps avoid the ‘screw it I’m on holiday’ mentality.

3. Hunger is not an emergency – It is OK to be hungry for a couple of hours if you don’t like your food options.

4. What are your ‘minimums’? – E.g. Eat at least two servings of greens per day or complete two workouts over the course of a week.

5. No matter what happens, you can always fall back on the simple stuff – eat slowly and mindfully until satiated (80% full).

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