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Preparing Your Mindset Before Making Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

There is a thought process that happens before you are able to start making healthier lifestyle changes and creating positive habits. The first thing is a trigger, this can be something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs and becoming breathless or your jeans feeling a bit tighter than they were last month. After a trigger is experienced most people will think ‘I need to do something about this’. That realisation is crucial to then moving forward and acting upon that initial thought.

It is at this point that you really need to analyse yourself and your current mindset. Ask yourself, how ready am I to make a change? How much time and energy can I commit to making any changes? What barriers might I have to overcome to achieve my goal? If your answers to these are positive then there is a good chance you will be able to achieve your goals. On the flip side, if your answers are negative then it is highly unlikely that you will be successful.

So, what things can you do to prepare the mind? Firstly, ask yourself how badly do I want to achieve this goal? Because success usually answers this question. Think about what motivates you, is it something you want for yourself or something you want to prove to someone else. If it’s the latter, then that motivation and persistence on route to your goal will be harder to find. Once you have figured some of these things out, your mind will be much better prepared to move forward and create better habits and lifestyle choices.

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