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Dealing With Unsupportive Friends/Family

Unsupportive Friends

Having unsupportive friends and family can be disappointing when starting a new chapter of your life, especially if it is in relation to your health.

There are a number of reasons this can happen, maybe your friends are upset because your healthy change means that you won’t be eating out with them every week or having a few too many drinks. It could be difficult for them to understand your reasons for opting out of this if they themselves aren’t interested in health and fitness. It is not your responsibility to convince them to join you on this journey, however there is no harm in explaining your personal reasons for doing so. Maybe after hearing your opinion and excitement about how and why you are going to improve your health and fitness, they could relate to those goals and dedicate themselves also.

If this is not the outcome then do not be disheartened, all they need is reassurance that you will still be the same person that they know, just making healthier decisions. Ensure that you still attend social events because there is nothing stopping you from going out with them on a Friday evening. The only difference will be that you no longer over indulge in food and alcohol, it shouldn’t matter to them if you are sober or not. If your friends truly care about you, they will understand and just be happy to have your company.

Family can also be difficult when accepting a new phase in your life, as they just want what they think is best for you. However sometimes what they think is best, is not actually the case. If your family has never been into fitness or are not aware of the food they consume, they may be confused about the changes that you are making. The best thing you can do here is just explain it to them. Ensure they know the science behind why you are eating nutritiously and exercising regularly. If they know it’s not just about a ‘diet’ or looking a certain way, they may be more understanding that this is a new way of life that will help you feel energised and happy. They also may even be more inclined to slightly change their way of living. To make your new fitness and nutrition approach more family-orientated, why not try cooking them some delicious and nutritious meals.

The main takeaway is that sometimes all it takes to turn the opinions of your loved ones around, is simply to explain to them what you are doing and why. Once they see and understand the benefits, they are far more likely to accept it and maybe even jump on board with you.

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