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Low Carb VS Low Fat Diets


There is lots of conflicting information out there on low carb and low fat diets. So, which is better? The truth is, none! Generally, people will be looking at these types of diets for a quick and easy to follow weight loss method. But the truth is, you can be on a low carb or low fat diet and still gain weight if you are over consuming calories. Carbs or fat aren’t bad for you, we need to a balance of these macronutrients along with protein in our diets.

So, how are people able to lose weight on these diets? Individuals who take on these diets usually make a drastic change over a short period of time. This can means that they go from eating a terrible diet to a better controlled diet which lowers calorie consumption. Since they are now eating less calories, weight loss is able to occur. The issue now is sustainability. How long can they stick to this diet of restricting food groups? Most people will relapse and go back to old eating habits.

The best diet for weight loss is a calorie controlled diet where no food groups are restricted. If weight loss is the main goal, then you can eat whatever foods you like as long as it keeps you in a calorie deficit. Of course, it’s better to eat fresh and whole foods. This way you can start to learn the calorie content of certain foods and eventually know which foods suit your needs and goals. Weight loss should be an educational process as you then have a better chance of sustaining it.

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