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Mindful Nutrition: Nourishing Your Body During The Festive Season

Mindful Nutrition

The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy and indulgence. From festive parties to delicious treats, it’s easy to get carried away and forget about our usual healthy eating habits. However, with a little mindfulness, we can enjoy the holiday season while still nourishing our bodies. Here are some tips on how to be mindful of good nutrition around Christmas.

Plan Ahead: Before attending holiday gatherings or parties, plan your meals for the day. Start the day with a balanced breakfast that includes protein, fibre and healthy fats. This will help keep you satisfied and prevent overindulging later in the day. Pack healthy snacks like nuts, fruits or veggie sticks to curb cravings and avoid reaching for unhealthy options.

Be Mindful Of Portion Sizes: When faced with an array of delicious holiday dishes, it’s tempting to load up our plates with large portions. Instead, practice portion control. Start by filling half of your plate with vegetables and salads, a quarter with lean protein and the remaining quarter with whole grains or starchy vegetables. This way, you can enjoy a variety of flavours while maintaining a balanced meal.

Balance Your Indulgences: It’s okay to indulge in your favourite holiday treats, but balance is key. Instead of completely avoiding them, choose your indulgences wisely. Allow yourself a small serving of your favourite dessert or a single treat and savour each bite mindfully. Focus on the taste, texture and enjoyment of the food rather than mindlessly consuming large quantities.

Stay Hydrated: Amidst the festivities, it’s important not to neglect proper hydration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and help control your appetite. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated can prevent unnecessary snacking. Opt for water, herbal teas or infused water with slices of citrus fruits or herbs to add flavour and make hydration more enjoyable.

Practise Mindful Eating: Mindful eating is about being present and fully aware of your eating experience. Slow down and savour each bite, paying attention to the flavours, textures and sensations in your mouth. Put away distractions like phones or screens and focus solely on your meal. This can help you notice when you’re full and prevent overeating.

Incorporate Nutrient-Dense Foods: While enjoying holiday treats, don’t forget to include nutrient-dense foods in your meals. Load up on colourful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. These foods provide essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, supporting your overall health and well being.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of loved ones. By practising mindful nutrition, you can strike a balance between indulgence and nourishment. With these tips, you can enjoy the festive season while still taking care of your body. Should you wish to find out more about mindful nutrition, please feel free to contact us today at David Jones Personal Training or call us on 07485 191 790.