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Nutrition Support:

Need help with losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or just simply feeling better and more energetic? We at David Jones Personal Training can help you achieve any of these things using an approach or method that suits your lifestyle. The goal is to form a positive and sustainable relationship with food. Want to know more? Contact us today.

Personalised Online Nutrition Coaching:

We can provide one to one in person or online nutrition coaching. We will find out what works best for you and your lifestyle then provide easy to follow advice to achieve your goals.

To find out more and get started on your journey book a FREE call today!

Nutrition Consultations:

Not sure what to expect from nutrition coaching? We will work together to ensure you are getting everything your body needs from food and make it as enjoyable as possible. Whatever your goal is, we can find the best and most sustainable solution to lead you there.

A nutrition assessment will be carried out initially to find out more about you and your current lifestyle. The assessment will include the following:

  • Goal discussion and setting
  • Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Body composition testing (face to face only)
  • Dieting history
  • Exercise and activity history

You will then have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the process. Together we can discuss the best approach to take, we will always advise using the latest research and evidence.

Calls are available via telephone, zoom (if you prefer face to face) or you can come into our Gym. Click here to book your appointment.

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