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We at David Jones Personal Training are proud to provide our range of clients with a top class personal training service. Although our gym is located in Horley, we welcome Redhill residents with open arms, with a lot of our customers already coming from this area.

In regards to the gym itself, our facilities are of the highest possible standard as well as our trainers being some of the best in the business. It is also important to us that we offer a tailored service, where training methods can be adapted to each individual’s needs.

For more information about what exactly we have to offer our Redhill clients, please do read on.

Personal Training

Before our personal training service commences, we begin with a 1-to-1 consultation. We do this so we can better understand your goals and how quickly you want to achieve them.

We will then run some tests such as a core strength check and a body composition analysis. If we need more information then we will also ask you to undergo a blood pressure check, a blood analysis for glucose/cholesterol and a flexibility assessment.

All this information is then incorporated into a personal training programme that is specifically tailored to you, ensuring that you train at the correct intensity in order to meet your goals.

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The equipment that our gym houses is second to none as we want all our clients to have the best experience possible. If strength training is where you want to focus your attention we have a multitude of free weights as well as a top quality resistance machine. A calisthenics area is also available if you would like to mix up your strength training regime.

In addition to this, we also have a wide range of cardio equipment such as a cross-trainer, watt bike, rowing machine and treadmill.

All the basic amenities that you desire are available too, these include changing rooms, toilets and showers. What’s more, we provide underfloor heating for the winter and air conditioning in the summer in order to make your workouts as comfortable as possible.

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Additional Services

Sometimes you want more than just a personal training service and here at David Jones Personal Training, we understand this. If you are in the Redhill area and are interested in the services detailed below, contact us today.

Buddy and Small Group Training

Having a 1-to-1 personal training session can be a daunting prospect for some people. If you feel that this may be this case for you then why not try one of our group training sessions? We offer this service to a maximum of four people at a time so if you feel that this would benefit you or a friend, please give it a go.

Event Training

We are also able to tailor our sessions around specific events so if you need to focus on a certain area of your fitness, we can help. We will look at what can be improved and then help you to get in the best shape possible for your occasion.

Nutritional Strategy

Exercise is not the only method that can be used to achieve your fitness goals, another is a well thought out nutritional strategy. At David Jones Personal Training, we can provide you with a top quality nutritional strategy that works in tandem with your personal training sessions in order to help you hit your targets quicker.

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