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We at David Jones Personal Training are renowned for our top quality personal training services. We have a team of professional personal trainers that help our clients to stay fit and healthy. At David Jones Personal Training, we aim to provide the best personal training possible to the people of Godstone for a healthy lifestyle. We also tailor our services based on customer requirements to level up their fitness game.

Personal Training

At David Jones Personal Training, we believe everybody is different, so their training should also be too. Firstly, we discuss client requirements before offering a tailored service. We then measure clients’ body composition, core strength, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol. All this information helps us create a perfect personalised program.

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Our gym is equipped with all the essential equipment to ensure optimal performance. We have a top-notch resistance machine and a large selection of free weights. You can also perform calisthenics outside throughout the summer.

If you love cardio, we have multiple machines for top quality cardio sessions. These include rowing machines, treadmills, cross-trainers and watt bikes.

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Additional Services

Some individuals may feel that they need more than just a personal training service in order to achieve their fitness goals. If you feel that you fall into this category, do not worry, we at David Jones Personal Training have got your back.

We have detailed below some of the additional services that we are able to provide the people of Crawley with. If any of these or our personal training service are of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Buddy and Small Group Training

We offer group training sessions that motivate people to focus on health. If you want to join our group training classes, talk to our experts today.

Event Training

If you want to shape yourself for a particular occasion, share it with us. We will design specific training sessions and plans geared towards your chosen event.

Nutritional Strategy

For very best outcomes, we can also plan nutritional strategies for our clients to complement their training programmes. When properly implemented, our nutritional plan can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker that you would normally be able to.

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