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At David Jones Personal Training, we not only provide a top class personal training service, but we also do our best to make the sessions extremely enjoyable. These sessions take place in our Horley gym, just a short drive from Dormansland.

Our facilities are top notch, not to mention the expertise of our personal trainers. Due to a combination of these two factors, we are confident that whatever your goals are, you can achieve them here with us. We also tailor our services to each individual customer, so all workouts that you are given will take into account your current fitness level and the level that you want to reach.

Personal Training

The first thing that we start off with, before the first personal training session begins, is a 1-to-1 consultation. This allows us to gain a better understanding of what you are looking to achieve. Once we have this information, we can create a tailored training programme off the back of it.

Next up we ask you to undertake a core strength check and a body composition analysis. Following on from this, we then test your flexibility as well as analysing your blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol.

All this information helps us to build a profile on you which in turn allows us to make the training programme more specific to your needs.

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As noted above, the facilities in our gym are state of the art in order to ensure optimal performance. For the individuals focused on strength training, we have a wide range of free weights and a top quality resistance machine. We can also offer a calisthenics area in order to allow you to take your strength training outside in the summer months.

If cardio is more your thing then do not worry, we have a large amount of this type of equipment available to our Dormansland clients as well. Just some examples of these include a rowing machine, treadmill, cross-trainer and watt bike.

All the basic facilities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms are available too. Underfloor heating and air conditioning are also present at our gym in order to make the training experience as comfortable as can be.

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Additional Services

If you believe that in order to hit your goals, you need more than just a personal training service, we at David Jones Personal Training have got you covered. Outlined below are some of the additional services that we offer to the Dormansland area for you to take a look at. If any of these are of interest to you, please contact us today.

Buddy and Small Group Training

Motivation is a key part to achieving your goals and sometimes having someone you know with you can give you that extra boost. This is why we at David Jones Personal Training offer group training sessions. This service is available for up to four people at a time so if you have a group of friends with shared fitness goals why not give it a try?

Event Training

If you have an event coming up that you want to be in shape for we at David Jones Personal Training can help. We will look at where the biggest improvements can be made and tailor your training regime in order to give you the best chance at being at an optimum level in time for your event.

Nutritional Strategy

In order to achieve the best results, sometimes a nutritional strategy is needed in order to complement your training programme. Our nutritional strategy always has your fitness goals in mind so when followed effectively, it can help you to reach your goals quicker.

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