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Offering our Crawley Down customers an outstanding personal training service has always been extremely important to us here at David Jones Personal Training. But in order for this to happen, it was imperative that our gym was situated in a suitable area. Thankfully, our gym is based in Horley, just a short drive from Crawley Down meaning that it is easily accessible.

Clients who currently work with us can attest to the fantastic quality of not only our facilities but our trainers too. This is because we work hard to provide each individual with a service that is specifically tailored to their fitness goals.

Personal Training

In order to provide you with the best personal training service possible, we first need to understand more about you. This is why, before we start with training of any kind, a 1-to-1 consultation takes place. We use this consultation to find out more about your goals, allowing us to create a bespoke training programme for you.

After the consultation has concluded, we will then ask you to undertake a series of tests. To start with a core strength check, body composition analysis and flexibility assessment will take place. This will then be followed by tests on your glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

All of this data will further aid us when it comes to tailoring your training programme.

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As mentioned above, our gym boasts a variety of state of the art equipment in order to help you maximise your performance levels. If you are particularly focused on strength training, we are pleased to say that we have a wide range of free weights as well as a resistance machine for you to work with. If training outside suits you more, we also have a calisthenics area, which is particularly popular in the summer months.

In addition to this, we have a sizeable amount of cardio equipment for you to make use of. This includes but is not limited to a watt bike, rowing machine, cross-trainer and treadmill.

Furthermore, we would like to make you aware that our gym also has the basics such as showers, toilets and changing rooms. Air conditioning and underfloor heating are present as well to ensure that you can train in comfort all year round.

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Additional Services

In the future, you may reach a certain point in your training regime where you feel that you need some extra assistance. This is where our additional services come in. At David Jones Personal Training, we are committed to helping our Crawley Down clients in any way that we can. Please have a read of our services below and contact us today if you think that any of them may be of use to you.

Buddy and Small Group Training

Working out with a family member or a group of friends can go a long way to keeping you motivated and focused on your training programme. As a result, we are now offering group training sessions to our Crawley Down customers. These sessions are available to up to four people at a time, so if you are interested, give it a try today.

Event Training

If you would like to centre your training around a particular event that you have coming up, we at David Jones Personal Training can also help with this. We will identify ways in which you can improve your performance and incorporate this into your training programme.

Nutritional Strategy

In order to fuel your training you must ensure that you are eating the right types and quantities of food. By allowing us to create you a bespoke nutritional strategy we can make sure that this is the case. By pairing our nutritional and training programmes together, we have no doubt that this will increase the speed at which you hit your fitness targets.

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