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At David Jones Personal Training, we provide a fitness driven personal training service to our Caterham clients. Our team of certified personal trainers helps you achieve your fitness goals while making the sessions enjoyable. The services we offer are flexible and can be easily tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Personal Training

Our fitness coaches are committed to assisting you in reaching your fitness goals whether they are to improve your general health and well being, gain muscle, lose weight or develop your cardiovascular endurance.

Your trainer will give you their complete focus during our one-on-one sessions while also designing an exercise programme based on your preferences, fitness level and goals. You will receive individualised advice and feedback throughout our one-on-one meetings.

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We have top class facilities in our gym to ensure optimal performance. This includes a wide range of free weights and a high quality resistance machine for individuals focused on strength training. We also have ample space for strength training outside in the summer months.

If cardio is more your thing, we have equipment such as a rowing machine, treadmill, cross-trainer and watt bike, all of which is available to our Caterham clients. What’s more, we have all the basic amenities, including showers, restrooms and changing areas. Our gym also has air conditioning and underfloor heating to provide a pleasant training experience.

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Additional Services

At David Jones Personal Training, we provide more than just personal training services, to help you reach your fitness goals. Some other services we provide to our Caterham clients are listed below. Please get in touch with us today if any of these are of interest to you.

Buddy and Small Group Training

Our professional personal trainers provide group training sessions where you can work out with others who share similar fitness goals. This service is available for up to four people at a time, so try our buddy and small group training with friends with similar fitness objectives.

Event Training

Here at David Jones Personal Training, we can help you get in shape for any upcoming event. To help you reach your goals in time, we will assess where the most considerable improvement can be made and customise your training programme

Nutritional Strategy

We also provide nutritional strategies to help you nourish your body for maximum performance. Together, you and our coaches will create a dietary plan that fits your goals and lifestyle.

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